About Midge Pingleton

My name is Melissa Rebholz.  I live in lots of places but most recently transplanted from Brooklyn, NY to Mendocino County, CA.   I heart food.  I love to grow, raise, cook and eat it.  I have been lucky in my life to be able to do these things I love almost on a daily basis.

I like hippies, people that smell like onions, craft club, gin dinners, pizza and hamburgers, playing the tambourine, pork rillette, LPs from 1971-1979, sconces and watches, naps in the sun and idolizing tina turner.

I went to culinary school at the Natural Gourmet Institute.  I’m not vegetarian or vegan.  I like to eat healthy, happy, cruelty-free, drug-free animals who are raised with respect for their lives and the land.

This blog is mostly about food I am cooking.  But not always.

2 responses to “About Midge Pingleton

  1. Is this live? How exciting! I’m really happy to see you’re all up in the food! Tell me a recipe for pork shoulder (or don’t). Melissa, very, very warmest regards; hope CA is earthquake and mudslide free. Very best regards to you, and I really hope life is great. (I’m reading a fantasy series by Joe Abercrombie – good shit.) Mwah.

    • holy crap!!! jamie!!! dude, good to hear you are alive! (and i hope well) i was writing in this blog mostly last year but trying to keep up with a new one better at http://nomorebeets.com/ I’m loving it out here in northern california. i will have to check out joe abercrombie, always looking for something good to read by the river and i trust you still have pretty great taste in fiction.

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