Picnic Empanadas!

I have been pining for a hand held South American pastry treat for quite some time.  Being in the middle of nowhere in Northern California I have realized that if you want food that is not traditionally considered “American”  you probably have to make it yourself.  Thus these 2 empanadas were born.   One for the veggies and one for the porcine lovers.

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Zucchini Anchovy Fritters w/ Basil Mayo.

I know, it’s another anchovy recipe BUT I have to say that even if you think you don’t like anchovy you will love this fritter.  First of all the anchovy taste is not that pronounced (you can add more if you would like it to be) and second of all, everything tastes better fried.

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Sweet Corn Ice Cream. Yeah, you heard me.

Don’t look at me like I am crazy.  If you love sweet corn and vanilla and ice cream, then there is NO reason you would NOT love this iced cream.  I had a 4 quart ice cream maker so if you have one of the two quart makers, just half the recipe.

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World’s Largest Pattypan Squash.



Baked Tomato Something.

Baked Tofu, Tomato, Basil, Ricotta, Summer Squash thing.   This one is hard to name.  It’s a really simple, layered and baked dish.  But because of little amazing extras like homemade ricotta, basil from the garden and the zest of the  wonderful meyer lemons that a guest brought from their garden last week it became a lot less boring.  Continue reading

Hot in Herrrrrrre.

Look!  I’m baking bread in the solar oven that I have borrowed from our neighbor to play around with for a while.  With the temperature outside reaching towards 100 most days the thought of turning on the oven in the house is not a pleasant one to ponder.

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53 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…

53 bottles of beer!  Well ok, there are 47 bottles of beer because I spilled about 6 bottles of beer on myself and my floor while siphoning from the fermenter to the bottles.  I couldn’t wait and I tasted some of the beer that I spilled and it is pretty tasty and already a lot more carbonated that I had expected it to be.

2 more weeks til tasting!  Starting my IPA on Monday which is me trying to brew a clone of Pyramid Brewery’s Thunderhead IPA.   Updates to follow!